Service entrance


Thank you, Low Sun Angle, for illuminating the service entrance to Buffalo Billiards.

While I took this, a very large man stopped next to me, took a hit from his asthma inhaler and looked around to figure out what exactly it was that I could be interested in photographing. Unable to solve the mystery, he hitched up his pants, and headed on up the street toward Congress Avenue.

I thought you’d like that little detail.

along 5th Street, between San Jacinto and Brazos Streets
Austin, Texas

photographed 12.21.12

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  1. I love that detail. Maybe he read the sign next to the meter and decided he had better move along.
    I have been noticing meters in your photos. There seems to be a surfeit of them around, at least in alleys.


    • I thought maybe he left because he thought I was one of those Scary Street Photographers he’d heard about, but your theory is more plausible. Also, I DO seem to be getting a lot of meters lately. Comes with the territory.


  2. Brett Erickson

    And of course, knowing me as you do, being a people photographer, I’d find some weird way to incorporate the guy into the photo. Nice shot!


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