Deserts and…color?


Since August 2012, I have posted almost nothing but black and white images here at One Day | One Image. It wasn’t any sort of planned thing, but that’s just what felt right.

But there’s just something about Santa Rosa that makes me think color is the way to go.

First, there was this – with color.

Then, we had this – with color.

And, now this one. But, to be honest, how could I not post this in color? I’d lose those fantastic lavender columns….

Santa Rosa, New Mexico
photographed 5.2.2013

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  1. This is brilliant in colour.


  2. That lavender is very wonderful, but I might not have noticed it, all quiet like, among the strident blues and yellows had you not mentioned it.

    Nice grid of shiny panels on the front of this building!

    If Santa Rosa brings out the colour in your photography, does that mean you should move there, or stay away?


  3. Yeah, this wouldn’t have had the same oomph in b/w


  4. Just as strikingly beautiful as your B-W photos.


  5. I love the color palette in this, typical of desert Southwest. Black and white might have been a poor choice so I’m glad you posted the color.


  6. Oh, I agree, the colour is great!


  7. Oh wow! What a rich photograph. That dark blue sky and orange sand are a magnificent tie-in to that abandoned desert service station. I wonder if Elvis or Tom Jones ever stopped in for gas when it was functional. Love your photograph.


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