Gas pumps in storage


Just because we could: that’s why my friend Jo and I left Lubbock after work the other day and drove the 90 miles or so down to Snyder, Texas. It stays light so late in the summer that we had plenty of time to get down there to take a few* pictures before it got dark.

You know my rule about looking around back, right? After I took a few (dozen) shots of an old gas station, we went around back and saw where the gas pumps were stored.

But before that happened, a man pulled his pickup into the parking lot, parked in the shade of the building next door, and had the following conversation with me:

Man: You takin’ pictures?
Me: Yes, sir, I am.
Man (with narrowed eyes and suspicious voice): Why?
Me: I like this building!
Man (with same eyes-and-voice): Why?
Me: I can’t explain it, really. I just like old buildings.
Man (with resignation in his voice): Oh. I was hopin’ you was a real estate appraiser. I’m tryin’ to sell this place.

I didn’t make his day, but his building made mine.

Snyder, Texas
photographed 7.10.2013

* Few = 93

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  1. I like it, too. For some reason, cinder block buildings seem so strong to me and this photo shows that strength.


    • The layout of the place was unusual. The service bays were set at an angle to the rest of the building – the service bay wall is on the right hand side of the photo. I don’t recall that I’ve ever seen anything like that.


  2. You should have made him an offer for one of the gas pumps.


  3. I’m sensing a business opportunity for you here, Melinda. Perhaps you should become a “roving photographer and appraiser”. You’d never run out of business on either front!


    • Excellent idea! I am sure no one has ever thought of combining both of those into one business. It probably doesn’t matter that I don’t know anything about real estate appraisals and only slightly more than that about photography, does it?


  4. Brett Erickson

    “You takin’ pictures?” Seeing as how I had a camera up to my eye, I shot back, “Nope. Just sellin’ dope.”


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