The depot was boarded up, and the train didn’t stop


A couple of years ago, Preservation Texas named this train depot as one of the 100 most endangered buildings in the state. There was a flurry of interest which appears to have died down.

As I took this photo, the north-bound train hurried past.

Snyder, Texas
photographed 7.29.2013

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  1. …never to stop again.


  2. nicely shot! Great perspective and I love the tones. Very good.


  3. They just removed the down town train station in Victoria – it was tiny little structure. Not sure if they kept it in one piece, or bulldozed it. It was taking passengers until a few months ago. A very intermittent and slow service up Vancouver Island. But that reminds me, there is a very old brick roundhouse not far from there that I should photograph.


    • You may want to leave work right now and hurry over to the roundhouse, in case it is in danger of being bulldozed.

      Buildings around here, especially in small towns, don’t usually get torn down since there’s nothing in line to replace them.


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