A simple cross, in the hard ground


Just the other day I posted a photograph from the cemetery in Marathon; that one was taken in the part of the cemetery that must be the lowest point, where the scarce rain drains to: it was lush with grasses overtaking the headstone.

This shot is actually more typical of the place: dry, bare ground and dry, wooden crosses.

It’s hard country out there.

Marathon, Texas
photographed 8.17.2013

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  1. When I first looked at this photo I saw what looked like an aerial shot of a giant cross on a barren landscape towering over little trees. It’s a terrific photo.


  2. Very nice shot indeed! I like many things about it, but especially the subtle gradation in pebble size indicating the rain washed disturbed ground on one side of the cross. The simplicity of this shot goes very well with the cross behind a veil of grasses that you recently posted.


  3. My first thought was exactly the same as Ken’s. The sense of scale is not immediately obvious – and that is a strength not a criticism. A very simple image but the composition is just right and it conveys a powerful message.


    • Since reading Ken’s comment, I’ve almost convinced myself that it actually IS a giant cross.

      Seriously, though, even though I didn’t see it myself until Ken pointed it out, I think that ambiguity-of-scale is what makes this shot matter. It meets the viewer wherever s/he is.


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