A general sense


Things I like to find (that I saw here):

1. Broken pavement with weeds growing through the cracks
2. Concrete blocks
3. Diagonal shadows
4. A general sense of desolation

(This is the same abandoned motel as this place. In case it seemed familiar.)

Santa Rosa, New Mexico
photographed 9.22.2013

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  1. I also sense something looking at this photo…
    Calm. Desolation.
    And fruit.


  2. That is so nice in black and white!


  3. Maybe the salesman of Deah of a Salesman stay at motels like this one in his traveling days…


  4. wonderful B&W.. I also see early afternoon Sunlight


  5. I find this to be a very strange image (in a good way, though). I know how you like a deep, black sky and it’s very effective. But your angle is very low on this so the black portion at the top is not the sky. At least i don’t think so. It makes this more mysterious.


  6. I love this photo! I am there!


  7. Strangely, this reminds me of a broken down swimming pool. I must have seen one sometime, somewhere.


    • How odd. A swimming pool? That doesn’t really appear to make much sense.


      • No, it doesn’t. I think it is the vertical sides, the shadow at an angle like a set of stairs into the ‘pool’ with a railing, the cracks with grass growing, and other things that remind me of something seen before.


      • Maybe that’s it. Also, be sure to look at the October 3 post: you really will see (part of) a pool at the same abandoned motel.


      • October 3rd? You can see into the future? I reckoned your specialty was looking into the past, a rather forlorn past at that. The hidden talents of sooth-sayers never cease to amaze. And, I will take a look for that pool, when my turn for seeing comes along, on regular time.


      • I can see into the past, as well. For example: September 6, 2012; Santa Rosa, New Mexico; a deserted swimming pool: bit.ly/14ZuxRV.

        (New glasses. In case you were wondering where I got this Magical Superpower.)


      • Ha! I should have clicked your link earlier, like I usually do when you give one in a post.

        Could it be that this photo reminded me of that one, which I have looked at before? It is not like what I had in mind at all, because what I had in mind was the same viewpoint as this photo – along the floor of the pool kind of view. Weird.


      • If I squint (and remove the Magical Superpower Glasses), I can see what you mean – the wall does have a bit of feeling of the side of an empty swimming pool.


      • When I do a search for images of abandoned swimming pools I find lots of them, not the one one I have in mind if it was a photo that I am remembering, but there are many that are a bit like your shot. http://bit.ly/GzB9OD or http://bit.ly/16EF34p for instance


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