Just across the road from this place, there’s a little building that I am sure used to be a church. There’s not a sign in front, and the maps I’ve found don’t provide any information, but I am just certain that’s what it used to be. Maybe it’s the dimensions of the building – longer than it is wide. Maybe it’s just me, making up some “facts.” But anyway, the front door is locked, with a rusting wheel pushed against it for good measure.

Around to the side, a new-ish metal roof contrasts with the peeling paint of the stucco wall and boarded up windows. And an electrical line, and its shadow, cut through the scene. The side door? It was so secure it didn’t even have a doorknob on the outside!

Maple, Texas
photographed 2.16.2014

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  1. They probably have a deity locked away in there. Maybe that is why it no longer rains in your neck of the woods, or desert I guess.


    • There was a letter to the editor a couple of weeks ago explaining that the drought was because Lubbock had an election to permit package liquor sales within the city limits. And so, God is angry that we can buy wine at the grocery store and has retaliated with the drought.

      (I can’t make this stuff up.)


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