A sort of guillotine


Another shot of the abandoned gas station that was featured here and here.

Those last pieces of broken glass hanging, in defiance of gravity, at the top of the window frame look like they could do some damage if they were to let go. I stayed away, just in case.

Seymour, Texas
photographed 12.25.2013

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  1. I’m glad you didn’t slice yourself, but I’m also glad that you got close enough to get this shot. Really nice.


    • In spite of how it might look sometimes, I really do try to be careful. Like when I took this shot – in a small town on Christmas afternoon: I am pretty sure medical attention would have been hard/impossible to locate.


  2. I like it too. And that pipe is a bit creepy, like a snake carefully watching your every move, I think you are lucky to get out of there without being tripped.


  3. I love the framing particularly Melinda.


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