Producers (closed)


I liked Doughtery. I was there for work (really!) and stuck around town after the work commitment was completed so I could get some photographs. The people there are friendly and are happy to tell you about their little town. If you stay long enough, maybe you can hear about the tornado that “blowed” down a house, the perils of highway routes, and the day the school exploded.* But even if you’re just passing through** you can see a glimpse of how it used to be.

Dougherty, Texas
photographed 4.2.2014

* True story.

** You won’t be passing through. It’s not on the way to anywhere. And even if you are trying to go there, and have a map and everything, there’s a chance you’ll get lost.***

***Another true story.

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  1. Reminiscent of “The Last Picture Show” – great shot.


    • Thanks, Julia. It’s interesting that you’d mention “The Last Picture Show” as the town that Larry McMurtry is from and which he used as the setting for the book, Archer City, is less than 200 miles from Dougherty.


  2. Cute.


  3. I love this shot. Producers Huh? Looks like a Gas Station to me, so I’m thinking they are really ‘Sellers’ unless there’s an oil field right alongside together with a refinery, which I doubt.


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