The floor could use some work


To be fair, though, it’s not just the floor. The roof looks like it needs a bit of attention as well.

But at one time, this was a thriving business. It even had separate entrances for the drug counter and for groceries.

Maple, Texas
photographed 2.16.2014

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  1. Having spent all day attached to a paintbrush, another DIY project is too much for my brain to take in! This is a year’s hard work. No – double that! Sad sight, as always well captured.


    • I think this place is probably beyond saving – this part of the building, anyway. The other end was in better shape, and the volunteer fire department’s truck was parked inside.

      Good luck with the painting project. I was about to talk myself into repainting my home office the other day, but came to my senses in time…


      • I had to give myself a very firm talking-to before I finally got out there to start prepping the windows. My house never rewards hard work – it always throws three problems back for every one you solve. Three areas of rotten wood now sorted and two decent looking windows finally painted. Three days work so far. I need a lie down in a darkened room to recover!


      • Yes, my house is the very same way! And in addition to that, we’ve got three architecture degrees between the two of us, so doing something the easy (or normal) way never seems to really ever happen. We’ve lived in our house since the mid-1980s and have done two complete kitchen renovations, put in new windows, and built two additions. Plus all the regular maintenance. And we’ve done nearly all the work ourselves, which is either a brilliant move (from a budgeting standpoint) or simply ridiculous (from every other way of looking at it).

        I almost need a darkened room to recover from just writing that paragraph!


  2. Separate entrance for drug users? No signs that they are using it. Also, that door would fit very well in the church with steel door your posted yesterday, as a first step in bringing it back to something more appealing. Windows next. So perhaps demolition of one structure and renovation of the other? But then, nearly every one of your photos brings on thoughts of demo or reno; demo vs. reno.


    • It seems like maybe drug users need groceries, so maybe the store’s basic business model was unsustainable. I mean, obviously it was unsustainable so maybe that was the basic problem.

      I think overall my photos tend to skew toward demo. Unfortunately.


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