Going around back


Photo Number Five: Santa Fe Photographic Workshops

near Ranchos de Taos, New Mexico
photographed 7.1.14

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  1. I like it – terrific tones! A dark subject and light sky though – you might try working with this one as a negative too ;). Just to make it more like your usual.


  2. Congratulations on finding a unique (to my eyes) viewpoint of this church. I was there during a trip where the suitcase that held my camera got left behind. Great gnashing of teeth and sinking of heart at the discovery, too late. But now I feel better. Thanks for the photo I hope I would have taken.


    • Linda – the challenge in going to these iconic locations is to find a different way to shoot it, so I greatly appreciate your comments! Thanks especially for thinking it the photo you hope you would have taken – that means a lot, coming from another photographer.

      I can’t even imagine the disappointment at not having a camera when you got to Ranchos de Taos – gnashing of teeth was probably the least of it!


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