Sale or trade


It’s really no secret to anyone who’s been around the blog for very long that I have a fondness for Santa Rosa, New Mexico…

Many years ago, I made quite a few trips between Albuquerque, New Mexico, and Lubbock, Texas; at that time all I knew about Santa Rosa was that was where to turn (right, heading to Lubbock; left, to Albuquerque). I never drove through town, a fact which is sort of embarrassing to admit. In recent years, my family have taken up scuba diving and (this doesn’t even sound right), there’s a place to dive in Santa Rosa. These days, I tag along on as many scuba trips as I can; while the divers are diving, I am exploring. The old Route 66 is a treasure of abandoned buildings (mostly gas stations, now usurped by big chain stations-with-convenience-stores over on the interstate.)

For the five years or so that I’ve been photographing Santa Rosa, the fluorescent lights inside the service bay at this old Exxon station have been on. I don’t know why. Maybe to illuminate that Sale or Trade sign. Just in case.

Santa Rosa, New Mexico
photographed 5.4.2013

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  1. Great shot – I know this setup all too well as this type of service/gas station is where I spent the summer months of my college years – pumping petrol – before the advent of self-serve.


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