Cat at school


Remember the other day, when I mentioned a farmer using the old school grounds to store fertilizer tanks?

Different place, same thing – only this time someone’s using the playground as a parking lot for their Caterpillar. (I was going to say “Caterpillar bulldozer” but then I thought it might not actually be a bulldozer; I hate to be distributing incorrect information here on the blog, so I decided to leave that word out. If any of my loyal reader(s) know what this equipment is, please let me know. We here at One Day | One Image try hard to be as informative as possible.*)

Close City, Texas
photographed 5.31.2010


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  1. It looks like a road grader to my uneducated eyes. And, it can do other manly stuff at the other end, I reckon.


  2. Grader it is. 🙂


  3. Grader, perhaps with a grubber cling on. School kids, if there were any, would probably be quite excited to have that arrive in the school yard.


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