No reflection (no mirror)


If there were a mirror here, I wonder if it would have a crack to match (I almost said “mirror”!) the one on the wall?

Tahoka, Texas
photographed 6.16.2010

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  1. What a great shot, it tells a really interesting story. Thanks for sharing it 🙂


  2. Very beautiful capture – a mirror is not necessary here


  3. A super little find. It’s good without the mirror. Happy Christmas Melinda


  4. A poignant image. Past lives gone like the mirror …


  5. I love this: the composition, the missing mirror (of course), the shadow of the sink, the rust on the sink, and most of all the overall color. Congratulations!


  6. Great colors! I like it.


  7. This is so beautiful. Painterly with gorgeous tones, and shadows.
    I would like a print if this, Melinda!


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