A sort of trinity


I don’t go many days without a cemetery photo, do I?

I like the way the two crucifix-adorned crosses frame up the little statue of a saint.

St. Libory, Nebraska
photographed 8.30.2014

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  1. I am not really far behind you for days-without-photos-of-cemeteries, I think cemeteries do offer some nice photos


  2. They are great places for reflection. I find the solitude freeing. I know other people think it’s creepy, but that’s just the fear of the dead. The dead aren’t going to pop up out of the graves, for crying out loud.


    • I agree – I really do like to wander around cemeteries, and usually try to schedule in some cemetery visits when I am traveling. I had an interesting conversation once at a cemetery in California; the groundskeeper was a chatty fellow and very knowledgeable about the symbols on the headstones.


  3. This makes me think I need to get back into a nearby cemetery. It has been a while and I don’t believe I have ever shot film in a cemetery.


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