In case you’re not from an agriculture region, a grain elevator is where grain’s stored – this article explains it better than I can.

I haven’t photographed a lot of grain elevators, although they are lovely in their industrial-architecture way.  This one is especially nice with the vertical lines in the rough concrete and the banks of windows climbing up the side.

Hastings, Nebraska
photographed 8.30.2014

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  1. Melinda, just love this photograph and others in past blogs.Your style is very similar to mine and you clearly like black and white photography.Looking forward to seeing more posts.


    • Peter – thanks for following my blog, and for commenting. You are right – I love black and white photography! (But I do post a color image every now and then.)

      I just followed your blog, and look forward to reading your posts about B&W conversions; there’s always something new to learn!


      • Thanks Melinda – yesterday was my first post on Word Press and there is much to learn.Using the basic site until I decide on one dashboard suitable for photography.Keep posting those BW images !!


      • Welcome to WordPress! I used Blogspot for the first few years; I can’t remember why I moved over to WordPress, but I’ve been very pleased with it.


  2. Terrific photo Melinda. All that texture and all of it leading the eye in the same direction is wonderful. When I look at this it makes me feel like I have to be careful not to fall over backwards. Grain elevators are rather iconic things on the Canadian landscape in the prairies, but totally different from this – they are wood. Or rather they were wood, but most are now gone, replaced with modern ones.


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