Maybe your interpretation of this image changes when you know it was taken in a cemetery?

City of Lubbock Cemetery
Lubbock, Texas
photographed 1.1.2015

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  1. Perhaps for budget burials?

    You are right… the detail about being in a cemetery makes the image more interesting.


    • You may be right re. budget burials; I found these on the side of the cemetery that was away from the fancy markers. I guess I’m glad I didn’t look inside (although normally I would have, but it was too cold for me to be very interested in spending more time outside).


  2. What changed for me was the scale – when I first looked, these seemed to be boxes – perhaps beside an orchard – then I read your caption and it altered my perception of the scene.


  3. I guess this counts as “around back” for a cemetery. Or (thrown) (buried) out back. Disconcerting, in a cemetery. Especially that there needs to be three of them.


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