Someone Waits


I don’t have the slightest recollection of a person standing outside the window when I made this image, and am not sure I believe there was, despite strong photographic evidence to the contrary.

Alpine, Texas
photographed 8.16.2013

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  1. The photographed figure adds mystery to this shot. I also like how there are three depictions of the human form: photographic, painterly, and logoistic (how do you like that word?).

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  2. I’m always hitting the button on my comments to your posts before I should. Not logoistic; graphic.

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  3. I bet you were right – I’m sure if you returned there’d be nobody there.
    I think such things fall into that fortune of true serendipity – something you discover that you didn’t see at the time.


  4. Photograhper’s blindness – I have often wondered “where did that come from…and why didn’t I notice it when i took the shot?” – when I’m reviewing images.

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  5. I think the person in the window does add an element of intrigue to the image.. On another note.. There was a song from the 80’s that I now can’t get out of my head. I always feel like somebodys watching me, and I have no Privacy oh wuh 🙂 🙂


  6. That’s not the patient spouse is it? He turned up in quite a few of my shots when you were visiting, sort of half hidden like this. Uncanny really.


  7. Is it a digital photo? Grain looks good.


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