Fence does its job


That fence over there on the right side of the house is hard at work, keeping things in. Or out.

Either way, kudos to the fence for a job well done!

Tatum, New Mexico
photographed 5.11.2014

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  1. We all have our jobs to do…
    Nice shot, I’m not sure how I would have rendered this scene – your way works, but I may not have been bold enough to include the road,\.


    • That’s an interesting comment re. the road. I have another shot without it, but I didn’t like it – it was too much house. And I actually did crop the highway out of this version, but I didn’t like it either.

      From Lubbock, the closest place to go to the mountains is in Ruidoso, New Mexico. The route goes right through the town where I shot this, which reduces (to most people) the town of Tatum to *only* the road to/from the mountains. I hadn’t thought about it in exactly that way until now, but am sure that contributed to my feeling that the image needed the road in it.

      (Thanks for making me think about it a little bit more, too. It was an interesting process.)

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  2. Nice set of comments here. I would not even have thought about this on viewing the photo as I am so used to Melinda putting a lot of the flat road/parking lot/gravel/grass/etc in the prominent foreground. It is a nice house though, and I can see the temptation to shoot just the house. The way I shoot, I probably would have ended up putting that very nice shattered curb (kerb?) in lower foreground without the road, as a border. But that would not have worked as well as this either.


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