1. Earlier this week, my blogging friend from Infrared Robert and I exchanged a series of comments on our tendencies to second-guess ourselves.

2. I usually write my blog posts a week or so in advance, which gives me a cushion if I get busy and also gives me ample time to (you see where I am going here) second guess myself.

3. Every now and then, I’ll look at a post and think, “Nope. Won’t work.”

4. And that’s exactly what happened last night. I looked at what I’d scheduled for today and hated it. I can’t even think why I wanted to post it in the first place. In a manner of speaking, then, I took a re-vote on the photo. So, instead you get this shot, which I made on the plaza beside the famous and overly-photographed church at Ranchos de Taos, New Mexico*. I have an interest in the regular things that happen in places like Ranchos de Taos, which surely gets overloaded with camera-toting tourists. I wonder what it’s like to have a house there, or run the little cafe. And I think about who feeds that big black cat I saw on an adobe wall. Or who brings the newspapers in from Albuquerque and Taos to put in the machines. And if anyone even buys papers any more.

5. There was a re-vote and Kit Carson Park is now known as Red Willow Park.**

Ranchos de Taos, New Mexico
photographed 7.1.2014

*Google it and you’ll see what I mean.

**A song about Kit Carson; that name change was a little bit overdue.

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  1. Yes, re-vote and re-think – it is what you do when you are invested in your vision…We just happen to be heading to Taos in June, so I”ll check to see who is feeding the black cat. You certainly have piqued my interest in what you were going to post – but I do like the alternate. Cheers!


  2. Those boxes in front of that bit of immaculate adobe are wonderfully jarring. I am surprised the tourism folk haven’t wagged a finger or two and had them voted to another part of town.

    I sometimes wish I had the habit of posted a week or two in advance because whenever I do it I have those re-vote moments. Usually I get things ready the night before, which is playing with fire, when I don’t feel too well, etc. It is pretty hard to reel in a photo that has been released into the wild…

    That is good song, thanks for the link. Bruce Cockburn has always been a sh** disturber, nice to see he is still at it!


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