Secrets to a cooler room


  1. Get the air moving.
  2. Keep the sun out.

Or, go someplace that’s air conditioned.

In college, I lived in a mobile home that had a not-very-efficient window air conditioner. If you could sit about a foot away from it, it wasn’t too bad. Any further, though, and it got pretty hot. Summer school terms were especially bad in that tin-can house. I didn’t spend much time at home: I was at the library, or the design studio, or the bar. Or anyplace that was cooler than my place.

in my room,
Santa Fe Photographic Workshops
Santa Fe, New Mexico
photographed 7.2.2014

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  1. Nice balance between interior and exterior light.


  2. Nice shot – it reminds me of childhood places as well, though some of them had light-blocking roller blinds. I spent a few winter weeks living in one of those tin cans you mention, in eastern Washington State. That was enough for me, it was like living in a fridge.


    • Well, I guess your fridge-like tin can and my oven-like one somehow cancelled each other out.

      Mine also had a raccoon living inside the insulation on the bottom, under the bedroom. It was a real nice set-up. For the raccoon, I mean.


      • I lived above a river otters’ den – well I lived above my crawlspace and a family of otter moved in. I’d take a racoon any day. The smell of rotting seafood and the sounds of their mating/fighting were as if the dead had awoken and wanted in the house.


      • Well, I did NOT have the rotting seafood smells, but the other…yes, raccoons mate/fight with a great deal of enthusiasm.

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