Ricochet toward the end


My boss tells me this school closed in the 1970s; the Texas State Historical Association concurs, saying the school was operational until 1978.

My traveling companion for the day spotted an un-boarded door around back, which gave us a nice view down the hallway.

Light and history and inertia all headed toward the same ending.

South Plains, Texas
photographed 2.14.2015

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  1. Another almost-poem here, Melinda. And I like the way the detailed foreground in the photo keeps me from rushing too fast to the end of the hall. Good one.

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  2. Great capture – yes, never a frontal assault, always in around the back of the building…


  3. Oh….I love this! We have some derelict buildings in our neck of the woods, but you must brave ticks and lyme (a very real threat — I got a tick and subsequently lyme on one of my photography hunts) and once you get to the buildings there is nothing spectacular inside…just someone’s garbage that they didn’t take to the dumb, possibly several months worth.


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