Mondrian’s window


Over the past couple of years, my friend Ehpem and I have amused ourselves by spotting references to Mondrian (like this) or things we see that remind us of him. Our standards are lax: pretty much anything with more than a couple of rectangles fits into our little game.

And, so, I present: Mondrian’s Window.

South Plains, Texas
photographed 2.14.2015

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  1. I understand how this works – I see it too. Check out my previous post ( to see if my image meets your standards.


  2. Yes I see him! It was interesting to see an exhibition of Mondrian’ work and to discover how his work slowly changed from starting out as an ordinary landscape worker to more abstract representations and ultimately to the work for which he is famous.


  3. Martha Berger

    I love this!




  4. Thanks for expanding my world, Melinda.


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