Train view


In the class with Sam Abell, we alternated classroom days with shooting days; on the second of our shooting days, we rode the train from Santa Fe to Albuquerque. Most of my classmates were finding interesting people on the train to photograph, but as you can tell from spending about two minutes on this blog, that’s not really my deal. I did see this, though!

from the RailRunner train
Sandoval County, New Mexico
photographed 3.26.2015

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  1. Wow! I don’t know what all you are doing differently, but these two from Sam Abell’s workshop that you have shared have amazing ranges of tone. The effect is incredible richness. (I also like your eye on them.)


    • Thanks, Linda. It might be a coincidence with the tones… All of the images from the 8th of April through the 21st will be ones I shot during the class; let me know if you still see a trend! Sam Abell spent a lot of time (a LOT!) talking about micro composition; it’s slowed down my pace of shooting and, I hope, has made my images better.


  2. Just want to say that I really enjoy your photographs. I always shoot in color, but I like black and white images too.Keep up the good work!


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