My excellent host, Ehpem, just happened to plan our adventure in a way that included a stop at an abandoned house (he knows me well) and we spent an enjoyable morning exploring the place. You can see his first image from that stop here.

Are you surprised that this is in color? I am, too, a little bit, but those blues and greens were just too lovely to convert to shades of gray.

Jordan River, British Columbia
photographed 4.22.15

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  1. I adore coming across abandoned structures. Life, journey, silent stories. Beautiful!


  2. This house was a surprise bonus. I had only ever photographed the old work buildings nearby. The house was a wonderful place for photography. So we discovered it together which makes it much better.


  3. I love how you can trace the light spot on the wall to the direction the sun is entering through the window. The fan shape of the blinks reinforces the directionality (if that’s a word). A lovely image.


  4. Love the lines in this one!


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