The remains of last week’s offering


My friend Ehpem lives only a couple of blocks from the Chinese Cemetery. I’d gone there on my previous visit but was so captivated by the ocean that I forgot to photograph the cemetery, an astounding oversight on my part.

On my recent visit, Ehpem and I were eating dinner when he interrupted his own sentence and said, “Look at the light! We need to get to the cemetery right now!” And off we went.

A bank of clouds meant that the light wasn’t quite what we were expecting, but we did what we could. And finished dinner after the sun was down.

There’s an interesting article on the cemetery here, if you’re interested.

Chinese Cemetery
Victoria, BC
photographed 4.23.2015

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  1. We were about 5 minutes too late for that light – I think it was one of those exceptionally brief moments that one can only catch by already being there when the light happened. This is a very nice view of the ceremonial altar. You might be interested in the Quimper Hitty’s view of this right after this year’s ceremony:


  2. A very intriguing image – an ambiguous atmosphere . Well done. 🙂


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