Differing views

Please note that I did not pay Ehpem to write this stuff about my image. Really.

My collaboration with Melinda continues with golden views to the western horizon. My photo is the one above, Melinda’s below and her co-post is here.

It was inevitable, if this series went on long enough, that I would end up blown out of the water, or perhaps a better cliché would be blown sky-high. And to add irony to injury, she does it using colour.

I did take digital colour photographs of this sunset but I became wrapped up in catching some golden light on the beach below, and the photos did not work out all that well.

The picture I include here is from a point and shoot film camera. It does show the setting from which Melinda was shooting, including that we were at the top of bluff above the ocean. She had burrowed into that fringe of vegetation right to edge of the cliff like she had grown up in these parts.

Even though the thick shrubbery was cloying and excessively damp by Texas standards, she managed to stay on point and capture this great shot. Given that we were standing on Point No Point that is quite something.

But then that’s Melinda for you.


Pacific Sunset

Point No Point Resort, British Columbia
photographed 4.21.2015

You can see Ehpem’s post here, and the series here.

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  1. I thought it was time I posted a comment on your side of the fence – if you know what I mean! I’ve really enjoyed this series from you and Ephem. You can’t beat colour at this time of the day, but there is a B&W shot in there too. I’m sure if Ehpem had had a digital SLR with a longish lens with him, he would have been able to zoom in on those rays and the light path on the water and that would have made a great contrasty B&W shot.


    • Thanks, Andy. Ehpem and I had a great time shooting together, and it’s been an interesting experience to co-post our images. A sunset like this can even make the most staunch b&w photographer want to capture color…


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