The rooms beyond

The abandoned house that Ehpem and I explored had a lot of rooms, even though it wasn’t a very big place. We surmised that there’d been more than one addition, which accounted for the chopped-up floor plan. Almost any where we stood gave us views of other parts of the house. Only one room had boarded-up windows, so the morning light bounced around the interior in a very nice fashion. And that light combined with the various building materials and textures, and the shapes of decay gave us plenty of shoot.

Some of our commenters on earlier posts have asked us if we planned our shots with the idea of co-posting. I believe I speak for both of us when I say we’d like to be able to admit to that much planning. But the fact is that we just shot what we liked (though in a few cases there we’d point out something the other one might have missed). We had the benefit of having followed each other’s blogs for several years, and of having very similar interests in our choice of subjects. Shooting with another photographer was a rare treat for me, and I appreciate Ehpem’s willingness to devote time to the photographic cause!

But enough about that. Let’s look at some images!


The Rooms Beyond

(You can find Ehpem’s companion post here, and the series here.)

Jordan River, British Columbia
photographed 4.22.2015

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  1. The resemblance of each shot is undeniably but they illustrate the power of both black and white and color.


    • Hi Ken. I processed mine in black and white too, and at first was going to use that version in this pair. But the colours are *so* nice that I decided that loosing some of the structure to the presence of colour was not a bad thing, and besides Melinda’s shot has that.


    • It was hard to give up the color, actually, in this shot. As Ehpem point out, the colors ARE very nice.


  2. Great images – Ehpem’s showing what once was, and yours giving us a bit of mystery….


  3. I have 85 shots. I know that there will be a bunch showing up on my blog. We have not discussed any further co-posting of this kind, but it could well happen 🙂


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