Flat Land


This is the geography that I am used to. Some people think there’s nothing to see out here. Some people are wrong*.

Lubbock County, Texas
photographed 5.24.2015

*I once had a conversation, via letters, with writer William Least Heat Moon. He’s one of my favorite authors, but I took exception to something disparaging that he’d written about driving across the Texas Pandhandle, where he claimed the drive was boring and there was nothing to see. We finally agreed to disagree. He’s still wrong, of course.

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  1. Next time I’m headed out that way I need to know what you see that I’m missing.


  2. Nice photo. When we moved to Las Vegas from Michigan, we chose the southern route here. Via Kansas, it was so flat we thought it would never end. It’s an ancient sea bed.


  3. Tell him it’s about as interesting as the land he walked across in his book Prairie Erth.


  4. It’s all about the sky. Flat lands perhaps but they are the table on which the sky sits and plays out it’s drama. Great shot, Melinda


  5. I love the little details in your photos. The way the crop lines (I’m guessing) line up with the mast on the horizon. The clouds speak are just superb.


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