I am lucky: my job involves travel.

I like to travel. (You knew that already, didn’t you?)

Just the other day, I was in Portland, where I spotted this mural and the pair of parking meters. Both made me happy.

Portland, Oregon
photographed 6.13.2015

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  1. Fantastic capture. The parking meters look like spectators to the scene – which then becomes ‘alive’.


  2. Extremely well framed with those little motion-like waves around the parking meters that make it hard to separate them from the mural.


  3. That’s one of the best murals I’ve seen in a long time and the parking meters look as if they belong within it. I particularly like that well executed version of one of Edgar Degas’s famous paintings.

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  4. Love it!! Old school parking meters are my favorite. These new ones with the cards are super convenient but not nearly as picturesque.


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