The stage is set


The tent’s pitched and the bleachers are lined up. Folding chairs are set in rows, the lighting’s ready to go, and the stage is set.

Something is about to happen.

Yarmouth, Nova Scotia
photographed 7.29.2015

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  1. I had to come back to your page to make a comment. I find this image to be one of those where the subject is an interesting mixture of shapes and tones with enough ambiguity to hold my attention. But what I REALLY like about it is the rendering in black and white. The great mix of tones and textures, shapes and angles. I had to come back again for another look.


    • Well, I’m glad you came back for another look!

      Usually I have a pretty good idea of what a scene will look like when I transform it to b&w; this time, though, it came out a lot different than I’d imagined it would, mostly because of the way the reflected light bounces around the underside of the tent.


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