Dam the river


The Museum Reach part of the River Walk features a little dam and a set of locks. People from places where locks and/or dams are a thing probably laugh about how much entertainment value we felt these two things added to our River Walk walk.

San Antonio River Walk, Museum Reach
San Antonio, Texas
photographed 9.6.2015

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  1. Nice play on the words 😊


  2. Being from the land of TVA I am forced/required to laugh !


  3. I am still amazed you manage to find standing water to photograph down there in the dry south.

    I especially like the reflections in the foreground of the “cascade” – looks a bit like a loom where the weft has gone all wrong, and the warp is suffering as a result. Maybe I only see that because the warp on the loom behind me here had to be ripped out and replaced recently.


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