Which way the wind blows


Which way does the wind blow? The answer seems to be “yes.”

Menard, Texas
photographed 9.7.2015

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  1. Is that really a wilen sky? Lucky to capture one in all its blowing-multidirections glory.


    • Yes, according to the sign, it is definitely a Wilen Sky. They are rare, and I *was* lucky to find it.

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      • It only just occurred to me that the Americans, global champions of flag flying, must know best of all people what direction the wind is blowing.

        Also, I like that shadow in the foreground, it’s so crisp, and the shadow blob (I am sure there is a better word, but you know what I mean) is nicely lined up with the circular casting and the light pole and building corner. I expect you did that on purpose, probably stood there for two hours until the sun was in the right place, and the wind was wilen. I bet the patient spouse went for a beer during the making of this shot.


      • The only thing that kept the Patient Spouse from having a beer was the lack of bars in the town.

        I waited minutes for the flags to get themselves in position, but even waiting minutes for something to happen is often hard for me – trying to get better at that….


      • Minutes? You can wait minutes?
        Sound of kowtowing.


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