Artists of Texas – Rural Texas photography show

It’s been a good year.

This morning, I received notification that all three images I submitted to the Artists of Texas’ Rural Texas photography show were accepted. And one of them, “Red Mud Cemetery,” was selected in the top 25 images.


The other two images in the show are “The Last Rotary” and “Bulldogs.”

All three images were made in or near Spur, Texas.



And, this seems like a good time to thank everyone who’s left a “like” or a comment or who’s stopped by the blog to see what I’m up to. You guys keep me going!

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  1. Congratulations. Well deserved!


  2. Well, how gratifying is that! Well done, you.


  3. Wow, rotary! Great photos!! ❤️


  4. Congratulations…all most worthy of a gallery, but the Red Mud is a standout.


  5. Congratulations and well done!


  6. Excellent! Well done!


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