Full Circle


Urban sprawl is the deal – on our short trip to Colorado, I wanted to find some old sliding-downhil towns to photograph. And because of time restraints, I needed them to be close-in to Denver. And that’s where I met urban sprawl.

Every town we saw was new, with blocks and blocks of new houses (that all looked the same). And these new “towns” didn’t have a downtown – they didn’t need one, since the residents did everything that needed doing in Denver. It was disheartening, a little, for a photographer like me. And for other reasons, too, which I don’t have the energy to address just now.

Eventually, we made it to Johnstown, Colorado, which was a little tidier than I would have preferred but it was the best I was going to get. We were 54 miles out of Denver.

And, so, coming to you from an alley, is the Full Circle veterinary clinic.

Johnstown, Colorado
photographed 9.26.2015

PS – nearby is a place called Aristocratic Ranchettes. You can probably guess that I wasn’t interested in going there!

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  1. A long way from Denver, but here’s one: http://reamystotheright.com/2015/04/02/ghost-town/

    Or perhaps that’s too downhill?


  2. It is such a shame which I share with you. Yet this is a good find.


  3. Thank you for following my site Melinda 👍😀💕


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