Car Park


I’m just throwing this one in to support my statement yesterday about how much I like parking garages.

Now that’s out of my system for a least a couple of days.

Denver, Colorado
photographed 9.24.2015

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  1. Ha! You just can’t help yourself. This could be in the infamous garage we were booted from. There is a sameness about these places that is quite depressing.


    • There’s a chance that I have a low tolerance for gasoline fumes and that impacts what I see….but I think the textures and the shadows and the way the lights bounce off cars and all that stuff is very photogenic.

      Or, I am making these shots as a photographic middle finger to the Rude Canadian.

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      • I agree with photogenic but still think the lack of variety in these places is depressing. Either it is the relentless drive (ha!) to efficient functionality or just a complete lack of imagination by designers -“hmm, I think I saw plans for one on page 13 of the Big Book of Architectural Ripoffs”.


      • In the United States, that book is actually called “Architectural Graphic Standards.” Everyone has their own copy. It’s like a Bible, for architects. Except some architects* – for those guys, it is ACTUALLY a Bible.

        *My former brother-in-law, who we called God’s Gift to Architecture, comes to mind.


      • I should have known! Are parkades on page 13 by any chance?


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