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the story remains untold

Yes. I know this is a departure from my usual work.

But what better time than right now, this very minute, to try something new, something that asks some narrative questions, yet fails to provide any answers?

Denver, Colorado
photographed 8.25.2018

Cross Walk

I live in a city that does not currently have what one might describe as a vibrant downtown, so when I visit what I call an “actual city” I get to bust out with some street photography.  I felt very urbanized when I made this shot.

Denver, Colorado
photographed 9.2.2016

Her face

That kid is making the universal “I didn’t know the water would be THAT cold” face as she runs through the fountains at the Wynkoop Plaza Fountain in downtown Denver.

Denver, Colorado
photographed 9.2.2016

Different Years: a diptych

If you’ve been following along the last couple of days, you know that my collaborator suggested randomly pairing images from the same date but different years just to see what sort of diptych might emerge.

And here’s what I got when I selected One Day | One Image posts from October 17 in 2020 and 2013.

Oddly enough, this pairing works, I think – the peaks of the roof of the church building are echoed in the dancers’ arms.

Dusty, Washington
photographed 9.2.2020, posted 10.17.2020

Denver, Colorado
photographed 6.21.2008, posted 10.17.2013

A sort of forest

I was in Colorado, sure. But the only forest that I saw was those wheelchair poles (But the clouds were nice.)

Denver International Airport
Denver, Colorado
photographed 10.21.2019

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