Wooden Stairs


Back in August, I read this this post, by David Scott Moyer, about his visit to Spanish mission churches in northern Mexico. There were a lot of wonderful images, but the one that somehow caught my attention was one of wooden stairs in a bell tower. I thought about those stairs and that image for several days after I first saw it; the idea that each step was made from a single piece of wood intrigued me.

And, then, not much later, I was at a Spanish mission in San Antonio, Texas, and spotted a set of similar stairs. I don’t think I’d have even noticed them at all if I hadn’t seen David’s post – the power of blogging, I guess.

(I still like David’s photo better. In case you were wondering. My shot was a bit constrained by a gate blocking access.)

Mission San José
San Antonio, Texas
photographed 9.6.2015

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  1. Great shot! Imagine what it must have been like when trees of this size were plentiful in this region! I love how your photo shows the tree rings on the posts.


  2. When you build you dream house, you are going to need a tower, just so you can build one of these staircases! Very cool indeed.


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