Seems to be going on forever


I didn’t stay here long – that haze in the background is a dust storm that was approaching quickly.

All of this seems like it’s forever – the crossroads, the deserted buildings, the spring dust.

Tokio, Texas
photographed 5.11.2015

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  1. A most beautiful picture. That expanse in the foreground really does it.


  2. This is really an outstanding photo. The power lines in the top half of the frame really draw me in.I wonder, in all that desolation, where those lines are going.


  3. That is the story of the Western USA…


  4. Says it all !


  5. The coming dust storm makes this fine photo dramatic and even better!


  6. Awesome Grapes of Wrath type classic image! I can almost taste the dust!

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  7. Yes, it reminds me of photos of the big dust bowl just before the depression, Mark.

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  8. Love this image, great composition. Like you, I find beauty in desolation and decay….


  9. It is quite post-apocalyptic. At any moment a cobbled-together-from-parts armed monster truck could come roaring in from the south. Good thing you left when you did.


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