The more I see the less I understand


I’ve seen this old gate before. A lot of times. But it wasn’t until I made this image that I noticed that the window seems to be at the bottom of the gate. That doesn’t seem exactly right.

Nor, of course, does a gate-window seem quite right.

Yellowhouse Canyon, Texas
photographed 12.5.2015

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  1. Nothing like a good puzzle, Melinda!


  2. I think it is a dog door for a large dog… one panel slides up and the dog can go out, slides down and the dog stays inside…

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  3. I agree with Vera…my first thought was a door for an animal to get in/out.


  4. One of our neighbors had a dog that wouldn’t stop barking, he could hear things but couldn’t see what it was so he barked. When they cut a hole in the fence and put some lattice in it so he could see out, he stopped barking.


  5. I agree dog door. Maybe so that dog could come and go as it pleased and livestock couldn’t? Protection from something. Not bears, or cougars, or wolves or other predators I don’t suppose. Maybe human predators? Or perhaps nosy photographers.


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