There was no explanation


I just really don’t have any idea what this was all about. There’s not one thing there that makes the least bit of sense to me.

(UPDATE: the chairs, lamp, and table are gone. Only the curtains remain.)

(UPDATE, updated: My friend Ron is Facebook friends with an woman named Terry Gilmore Fritz, who did the installation as part of a photography class. According to Ron, she set it up so passsersby could “shoot people while in the scene.” So it totally makes sense that I saw it, stopped, and made photos without people. That’s comforting, somehow.)

Lubbock, Texas
photographed 12.4.2015

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  1. I’m sure you understand… it’s so hard to find roadside curtains that go with the décor…


  2. Difficult to say what was going on the lives of those who created this, it’s a fun thing to see though. We never know what other people’s ‘story’ is do we.


  3. Someone else’s photo shoot??


  4. I like the mystery! I love that it doesn’t make sense. I love that you captured this unknown story.


  5. Theater of the absurd?


  6. mmmhh … this tickles my imagination that has not resonated for some long time, should I write a mini spot story about it ?


    • Vera – it makes me happy that the image sparked your imagination (or as you said, tickled it, which is a MUCH better phrase!), and I would encourage you to work on a story…let me know how it turns out!


      • Hi Melinda, I sent you a first draft of something that I wrote about this image. Considering the season, however, I decided that it ought to be posted at some other time, in January. I will get back in touch next month.
        In the meantime I wish you the happiest and most photographic holidays! I also thank you for keeping me on my toes with your unusual creativity in the photo you post.


      • Vera – I am so happy that my photos help keep you on your toes!


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