Pivot Point


The elevation at Clines Corners, New Mexico, is a little more than 7,000 feet, which is pretty high for a place that’s not even in the mountains. But on the broad plain north of town, it feels like you can touch the sky.

And on the day I was there, it seemed like the clouds were using that distant power pole as their pivot point.

near Clines Corners, New Mexico
photographed 3.21.2015

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  1. Beautiful photo! Love your concept here. 7000 foot is very high for a flat plain. ❤️


    • Thanks, John. Sometimes winters are rough across here, since there’s nothing to block the wind/snow.

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      • I flew over the Dallas area i think on the way home from Tampa the other day, it looked like there was some serious flooding going on along the way, and some fires too.


      • There was a lot of rain around Dallas over Thanksgiving, and rivers were out of their banks. I am not sure where the fires would have been.

        How was Tampa? I used to go to a conference every October in St. Petersburg, and really enjoyed it. St. Petersburg, I mean. Not the conference.

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      • So there was flooding, wow. I feel bad for them. Tampa is having an unseasonably warm winter so far as is Michigan. I was helping my dad wash up the 21 foot boat I had hauled down there from Michigan, it was so damn humid i was sweating bad. Just not used to that much humidity!


      • I am not a fan of humidity, either. I lived three years in New Orleans, and never got used to the climate. That’s what growing up in an arid climate will do to you, I guess.

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  2. Awesome. Glad the pole was of help.


  3. Superb – it must feel amazing to be in such a wide open landscape


  4. A very clever and very successful composition, Melinda.


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