Night Church


There were a lot of reasons to get away for Christmas this year. We went to Santa Fe, because it seemed like the place we needed to be, and stayed in a hotel that’s across the street from the Cathedral. From our room, we could hear the church bells chime the quarter-hour and, on Christmas Eve, a jubilant 20 minutes of ringing after Mass ended. Somehow, maybe the bells infused into our heads: without even planning to, we walked across the street on Christmas morning and went to Mass. It seemed…right.

And on Christmas night, I took my tripod to the hotel parking garage and made a few images of the night church.

Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi
Santa Fe, New Mexico
photographed 12.25.2015

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  1. What a great-looking building. Nice photo!


  2. A beautiful photo! ❤️


  3. Now I am totally jealous. This image is well done. I love shooting churches and cemeteries and you have put me to shame. Guess I need to go to Mass. But keep up the great work and I’ll deal with it somehow.


    • Richard, don’t be jealous! With a building like this, and the conveniently-located parking garage, the photo practically made itself! I was hoping to shoot some interior photos but somehow that didn’t seem quite right, with Mass and all. Even a lapsed Methodist can figure out that’s wrong.


  4. Melinda, this one needs to be in a contest or show or something that others can see. It is beautiful. lgh


  5. Wonderful image.


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