The Pilgrim


Someone approaching the church, perhaps to worship, perhaps to seek healing from the holy dirt that’s in a small room off the main chapel.

I saw two women and a small boy putting small amounts of the dirt into plastic bags they’d brought with them; they were using an orange scoop and speaking softly, with reverence; I felt like (and in fact, was) an intruder and didn’t stay. A brochure in a rack beside the dirt warned visitors to neither eat the dirt nor steep and drink it.

El Santuario de Chimayó
Chimayó, New Mexico
photographed 12.25.2015

Also – those bags on the wall are similar to the farolitos in Santa Fe, only these are plastic bags with electric lights inside.

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  1. awesome lines and placement (and relative) size of the human subject.


  2. I wonder what they do with that holy dirt?


  3. good work here/ thanx


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