This remote country cemetery was a few miles down a dirt road; in addition to the things you expect to see at a cemetery (graves, for example), this one had a picnic arbor, so you could have a nice lunch after the burying was done.

And, it had a couple of outhouses, too. This is the larger of the two – it was what we call around here a “three holer.” You can probably figure out what that means…

Red Mud Cemetery
near Spur, Texas
photographed 3.14.2015

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  1. Great image, and your description made me smile.


  2. Apparently the maxim ” When you gotta go” doesn’t cease to apply simply because one’s ceased to breathe…

    New thing for today, learned!


  3. You could repurpose Ghost Riders in the Sky as Ghost Toilets in the Sky… Or change The Haunting of Hill House to The Haunting of Outhouse…

    (I may have missed my calling in marketing…)


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