Gravity still works, parts 1 and 2



My younger granddaughter, Bennett, spent some time making sure that gravity was still in effect. In each case, it was. Her great-grandmother, in the background of the top image, seems surprised the result of the experiment.

Bennett picked out this outfit herself. She has either a very strong, on-the-edge fashion sense, or she’s completely hopeless. At this point, I feel like it could go either way…

Lubbock, Texas
photographed 3.27.2016

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  1. Le regard d’un enfant sur le monde,
    La découverte… les expériences… 🙂
    Très belles photos N&B


  2. Love these – Bennett looks like she will grow to become a very self assured person: good for her…..



  3. How can one not like this? Waiting for part II .


  4. Caught in the act – both Bennett and Great Grandma with that wonderful facial expression!


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