Double discount may be in effect


I am pretty sure that if you see the word “discount” twice, that discount is doubled.

(On a side note, the people in that convertible were dancing* to this song It added quite a bit to the ambience of the scene, really.)

Phoenix, Arizona
photographed 4.3.2016

*Or waving their arms around.

PS: Don’t forget to click on the image to see a larger version!

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  1. I was never great at math theory, but I definitely agree.

    I like to watch people in their cars…. They think they’re invisible and that their William Hung selves can’t be heard. Why do they think this even in a convertible? O_o


  2. Has to be double discount And on Sale. The folks in the convertible at least have good taste in music!


    • Probably with a double discount AND a sale, they’d be paying the customers, which is (I’m just guessing here) not a long-term, sustainable business model.

      I am sorry to say that I spent the very brief time that this scene was in front of me making this shot – I wished I could have gotten a better long at the singers.


  3. I like seeing people being spontaneous, even in a convertible. (Well, within reason, as an afterthought.)


  4. Haha Arizona discount and car one.. Nice one.. liked it 👍


  5. If only the discount increased with every sticker spotted! If you can’t dance when you hear Dancing Queen something inside you has died!


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