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Darkest part of twilight


On that trip, I was simultaneously getting my continuing education credits for my professional license and testing out a new camera.

Guess which was more fun? Guess which was more rewarding?

Arizona Center
Phoenix, Arizona
photographed 4.5.2016

Two-story wedding


This particular Saturday afternoon, as I was leaving some fascinating convention sessions, I spotted a nice scene playing out at the church across the street. It was a lot more interesting than the junk I’d been listening to all day!

St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Basilica
Phoenix, Arizona
photographed 4.2.2016

Not Canada


Getting a little bit of a mixed message here, with the Spanish name and the Canadian flag and the Vietnamese restaurant and the actual location in Arizona. Sometimes things are more confusing than they need to be.

Phoenix, Arizona
photographed 4.4.2016

Water feature


Just one block away from the convention center is a pleasant urban oasis, with trees and flowers and shade and a water feature.

Phoenix, Arizona
photographed 4.4.2016

The armrest


Remember yesterday, when I told you that I got to the airport really early?

Well, there may be something to be said for that error well-thought-out plan: I was able to get this shot. Since, you know, no one else was around to need to sit on those chairs.

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport
Phoenix, Arizona
photographed 4.6.2016

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