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light leak

This is what the hotel room looked like at 10:53 pm. In case you’d wondered.

RISE Uptown Hotel
Phoenix, Arizona
photographed 12.25.2022

not a rain culture

A man wearing a red shirt and a silver bolo tie and carrying a small leather journal noticed me as he stepped carefully through the sidewalk puddles and said, “We don’t have a rain culture here.” And it was just that lack of a rain culture that made a rainy day enjoyable.

Heard Museum
Phoenix, Arizona
photographed 12.28.2022

south central, with murals

A alley that’s got trash dumpsters, fire-escape stairs, and a mural is surely an alley that I will stop to look at. And, of course, photograph.

Phoenix, Arizona
photographed 12.27.2022

Not Canada


Getting a little bit of a mixed message here, with the Spanish name and the Canadian flag and the Vietnamese restaurant and the actual location in Arizona. Sometimes things are more confusing than they need to be.

Phoenix, Arizona
photographed 4.4.2016


The timing was lucky for that trip to Phoenix – my pal George was just back to Arizona after a couple of months in Japan and we spent a good afternoon together.

We took a little hike (where we saw a nesting Great Horned owl and one of her babies), and on our way back down, got to see the new growth on the cholla cacti nicely backlit. (We liked the light-on-cactus a lot better than the very close subdivisions.)

Phoenix, Arizona
photographed 4.4.2016

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