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The armrest


Remember yesterday, when I told you that I got to the airport really early?

Well, there may be something to be said for that error well-thought-out plan: I was able to get this shot. Since, you know, no one else was around to need to sit on those chairs.

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport
Phoenix, Arizona
photographed 4.6.2016

It’s either too late or too early


Evidently I am unable to do simple math in my head. As a result, I arrived at the airport hours (yes, hours!) before my flight was scheduled to depart. That’s the bad and/or embarrassing part of this story.

The good part is that it was so early that I was almost the only one there, which gave me lots of time to make photos.

The gentleman on the bench had been there longer than me, which made me feel a little better about my miscalculation…

Phoenix, Arizona
photographed 4.4.2016

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